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Upcoming exhibitions of Clive's work include:

Clive Barker: at The Shadowood Collective exhibition

As ever, last minute alterations to sales events and exhibitions can and do occur and we'd recommend checking with the organisers for final details before planning your visit...

Recent exhibitions of Clive's work:

Clive Barker: at Maleficium exhibition
Clive Barker: Wunderkammer, at Copro Gallery
Clive Barker: at The Tell Tale Heart Tattoo & Gallery
Clive Barker: at Silver Screen Artists exhibition
Clive Barker: at Maleficium exhibition
Clive Barker at Roadside Attractions 2, Copro Gallery
Clive Barker: at SDCC
Clive Barker: at Dirty Show
Clive Barker: at Shock Pop Comiccon
Clive Barker: at Oxholm Gallery
Clive Barker: at Maleficium exhibition
Clive Barker: exhibition
Clive Barker: exhibition
Clive Barker: 1977 exhibition
Clive Barker: Parade
Clive Barker in Love & Violations exhibition
Clive Barker: Imaginer exhibition
Clive Barker - Ink exhibition
Clive Barker - Thanatos exhibition

Imaginer series

The Clive Barker Archive has Volumes 1 to 4 of Clive Barker: Imaginer available, together with Imaginer art cards and notebooks for sale.

Clive Barker - Imaginer 1
Imaginer Volume 1

Clive Barker - Imaginer 2
Imaginer Volume 2

Clive Barker - Imaginer 3
Imaginer Volume 3

Clive Barker - Imaginer 3
Imaginer Volume 4

Reproduction artwork

The Clive Barker Store has a number of prints available of Clive's work.

Prints are generally available in three sizes, in varying editions, some signed by Clive - head over to the store for full details and availability.

Clive Barker - Tarrie Cat print
Tarrie Cat

Clive Barker - Hell Cat print
Hell Cat

Clive Barker - Tarrie Cats print
Tarrie Cats

Clive Barker - Mr Smeer print
Mr Smeer

Clive Barker - A Tree Full of Sky print
A Tree Full of Sky

Clive Barker - Blue Vision print
Blue Vision

Clive Barker - Cage with Many Creatures print
Cage with Many Creatures

Clive Barker - Death's Head print
Death's Head

Clive Barker - Death's Island print
Death's Island

Clive Barker - Death's Womb print
Death's Womb

Clive Barker - Dragon Skull Island print
Dragon Skull Island

Clive Barker - Gan Nug print
Gan Nug

Clive Barker - Stitchling with White Eye print
Stitchling with White Eye

Clive Barker - Surgeon print

Clive Barker - Tower print

Clive Barker - The Demon Hungers print
The Demon Hungers

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