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Doug Bradley : "I haven't seen the script for Deadworld yet, and I'm just now looking at Deader and making notes. The script looks interesting. Rick is very creative and took a lot of ideas on board while we were shooting Hellseeker in Vancouver. He has been happy to let me take a pass on Pinhead's dialogue. I am very happy with our working relationship."

Doug Bradley Talks 7th And 8th Hellraisers

By [ ], Fangoria,, 28 October 2002

Gary Tunnicliffe : "We're doing lots of hooks, lots of box stuff and lots and lots of gore. There will also be a homage of sorts to the female Cenobite that appeared in the earlier film, and there will be an appearance by Chatterer. Doug is coming back to do Pinhead again for both films."

Tales Of The Miramax Assassin

By Marc Shapiro, Fangoria, No 219, January 2003

Rick Bota : "We have contacted Castel films regarding the post they have done on their site. It is unfortunate that both the plots have been given away so early. The films are not set for release yet (one actually won't be until 2005!) and the stories have already been unfolded. Almost 2 years early!"

Forever Horror

By Joseph Benedetto and Nicholas J. Michalak , e-mail to Forever Horror,, 11 September 2003

Doug Bradley : "I have no idea [when these will be released]. We shot the movies between October and Christmas 2002, so they've been sitting in the can for nearly two years. I looped the movie with Rick Bota - who directed both films and also directed the sixth movie, Hellseeker - more than a year ago when I also recorded an alternative audio commentary for Deader with him, so the whole film was pretty much cut together then: and looking pretty good, I thought. Hellworld was not so far advanced and I didn't see any of that beyond the scenes I was looping, but I was hearing good reports of it. At that point, I understood that the plan was to release Deader for Halloween last year with Hellworld coming out Spring this year [2004]. Then I heard Jan/Feb this year for Deader, which became Spring, which became August which now doesn't seem to be happening.
"Exactly what the hold-up has been, I don't know, but anyone keeping tags on industry gossip/news will be aware that there's a swirl of rumours coming out of Miramax (who own Dimension Films) at the moment... But the upshot is I think nothing will happen before next year. It is really frustrating and irritating, not least for the number of times I have to answer this question. None of us go through the effort of making these films to have them gathering dust on the shelves. We want them out there for you guys to see - and for us to see!...
"Meanwhile, I was talking to a director recently who said, 'So, you're getting ready to do Hellraiser 9, are you?' In response to my dumbstruck ignorance he insisted that he'd heard it was. So who knows?"

Hell Raiser Interview

By Mike Hodge,, 25 August 2004

Doug Bradley : "I'm still enjoying doing the movies, still having fun doing them, still finding fresh territory to explore myself. And I always try to make sure those lines of communication are well and truly open with the director. The last thing I would want would be any feeling from the director that I'm the guy who does Pinhead, and I know everything about it and therefore I can't be directed. I always go to the director and say, 'Look, I do know what I'm doing here but any new thoughts or ideas or anything you feel is amiss or something new we could throw in, I'm fully open to suggestions.'
"It also helped with Parts 7 and 8 that they were again directed by Rick Bota, who directed Hellseeker, Part 6. I got on very, very well with him, so it was great to have the chance to go back and work with someone who I knew got [it] and that I'd worked with previously. It's actually the first time in the whole series that I worked with the same director twice, so that was certainly an advantage. If there are going to be any more - and who knows at this stage - I have no barriers to going there again."

The Face Of Evil

By Joseph McCabe, Starburst, Special No 66, [October] 2004

Review : "Similar to High Tension, Bota's Hellworld is a hard movie to explain because the end of the film is intricate in the earlier sections of the plot. I was actually pretty pissed off that A: the movie took place into he real world and B: What happens at the end sort of de-validates the events from the night. Dimension's solution to this was to throw in a retarded epilogue with Henriksen that made absolutely no sense, it was there to please the fans. What I don't understand is why didn't they just please us fans in the first place..?
"For a Hellraiser movie Hellworld is a bummer, but if you are looking for a fun rental for the weekend this is a really good option. It's entertaining from start to finish and there are plenty of attention grabbers sealed within. And even if it didn't feel like a true Hellraiser film, who doesn't want to see Pinhead in action one more time? Bring on the pain and suffering any day of the week! "

Hellraiser: Hellworld - Review

By Vapor Rub, Bloody Disgusting, September 2005 (note - full text online at:

Review : "In the far superior Hellraiser: Deader, Director Rick Bota proved that he had what it takes not only to helm this series, but to get it right. Deader felt like a Hellraiser film. This one does not. Far from it. It just plays as if it's kind of lost. From your standard mile a minute musical stingers, to the now oh-so-cliche sped up and slowed down editing, to one of the goofiest roundhouse kicks ever thrown (seriously, I winced when I saw it, and not because it looked like it hurt!), this film misses its mark more than it comes close to hitting it.
"However the film isn't without its merits. It's good to see a bit more of Pinhead and the other Cenobites. Doug Bradley delivers the goods as per usual, and there are some great gore scenes. Throw in a few clever plot twists and devices and you have yourself a mindless quick little romp. The only problem being that the Hellraiser series has always been a fairly cerebral experience. Again, the feel of the series is just not there. Something is clearly missing from the formula."

Hellraiser: Hellworld - Review

By [ ], Dread Central, 8 September 2005 (note - full text online at:

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