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Clive Barker Documentary

...Working in tandem with Clive's production company, Seraphim, Thommy Hutson has been working on a documentary exploring Clive's creative life, which he first hinted at in June 2014.

Thommy Hutson : "I'm excited to be working on a documentary about Clive Barker. I'm partnering up with Clive's company to produce, direct and write. It's exciting because it's not going to be like all the other documentaries in a sense that it's a movie by movie, scene by scene breakdown of how they made it. This is going to be more about Clive Barker as a person, Clive Barker as a creator, Clive Barker as an artist and just really looking at how someone of his artistic caliber and creativity functions and brings things into the world. Why we love those things so much and why the things that he's created have clearly become iconic. That's going to be a really fun project to work on."

Filmmaker Thommy Hutson of The Id, Crystal Lake Memories

By Melissa Ann, Horror Geek Life, 22 November 2016

Thommy Hutson : "I am excited that I'll be putting together a documentary on Clive Barker, which will focus on him as a creator of so many wildly creative and memorable things, with the amazing team at his company, Seraphim Films. It's going to be different in approach than any other doc project I have done and that is really exciting."

Thommy Hutson Talks Freeing The Id

By Staci Lane Wilson, Dread Central, 14 November 2016

Thommy Hutson : [On a possible Clive Barker project] "That might be true. It might also not be. A boy has to keep some secrets until the time is perfect."

Oh, The Horror: Behind the Nightmare on Elm Street Documentary

By Devan Sagliani, Escapist Magazine, 9 February 2015

Thommy Hutson : "Without delving too deep, Catherine and I are working on something with Clive Barker and his company Seraphim Films, which is really exciting."

'Animal' Writer-producer Thommy Hutson Talks About His Creature Feature

By Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly, 19 June 2014

Hellraiser Anthology Graphic Novel

Hellraiser Anthology, 2017

Following their involvement in writing spin-off Hellraiser comic stories for Boom! Studios, members of Seraphim's creative team including Ben Meares, Christian Francis and Mark Miller have come together on an in-house Hellraiser Anthology graphic novel.
First teased with this video in October 2016, the Seraphim project has sought out artists familiar with working on Hellraiser comic series including Daniele Serra and Nick Percival and also ran an open call to populate a gallery of related artwork.
Now set to debut at the Monsterpalooza event in Pasadena on 7 April 2017, the 90-page anthology features eleven original Hellraiser stories and will be available in hardback ($35 / signed $65) and digital ($15) formats through the RealCliveBarker online store from 14 April 2017.
A signing event for contributors is set for 23 April at Dark Delicacies - NB Clive will be pre-signing copies rather than attending in person.

Hellraiser Anthology, 2017, Daniele Serra Hellraiser Anthology, 2017, Daniele Serra
In-progress artwork by Daniele Serra for Hellraiser Anthology

Mark Miller (Seraphim) : "We chose to publish this anthology in-house for one main reason. It frees us to tell stories that are entirely uncensored. Hellraiser, as a film and comic book franchise, has always needed to be censored to one degree or another. By producing this comic in-house, and distributing it straight to Hellraiser fans via our web store, the wide array of talented people on the book are free to tell the stories they want to tell, and dig as deep into their twisted imaginations as they please. And, let me tell you, the experience has been utterly freeing for all involved, and that creative freedom bleeds through the pages of this anthology."

Press Release

By Seraphim Inc., 29 October 2016

Christian Francis (Seraphim) : "We are looking for the next great artist to feature alongside the tales of dark fantasy and horror in the PIN-up section of our upcoming graphic novel: Hellraiser: Anthology.
"We are accepting submissions of art of any kind for consideration of inclusion, as long as it deals, either directly or tonally, with the Hellraiser mythos - there is no censorship with this graphic novel, so anything goes!"

Facebook Post

By Christian Francis, Facebook, 19 December 2016

Ben Meares (Seraphim) : "This Hellraiser comic we're making is incredible. Just letting y'all know... You won't have to wait long. Coming in April from @RealCBStore!"

Twitter Post

By Ben Meares, Twitter, 26 January 2017

Matt Murray : "In addition to providing a short story, I was allowed to contribute to the canon of Hellraiser by assisting in the design of a new Cenobite for Hellraiser: Anthology."

Facebook Post

By Matt Murray, Facebook, 26 January 2017

Mark Miller (Seraphim) : "This is easily the most personal project I've seen pass through these walls. It's as lovingly curated as it is delightfully grotesque. I'm proud to have my [work] in its pages."

Press Release

By Seraphim Inc., March 2017

Ben Meares (Seraphim) : "We had a very simple mission statement at the beginning of our journey with this comic. We set out to create something with no limits and no censorship, that everyone involved, as both creatives and fans of the Hellraiser mythos, would be proud of."

Press Release

By Seraphim Inc., March 2017

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