Press Release: Cabal

22 June 2012

CLEVELAND - June 22, 2012 - Fiddleblack, a small press and journal of literature, announces its plans to release an annotated edition of Clive Barker's 1988 novella CABAL. Fiddleblack is working with Simon & Schuster to redevelop the book with full endorsement from Mr. Barker and his company, Seraphim, Inc. This edition features new nonfiction content from High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore; former Marvel Comics editor and writer D.G. Chichester; philosopher Eugene Thacker (In the Dust of This Planet, Zero Books 2011); HELLRAISER comic book author Mark Miller; archivists of the Barker canon, Phil and Sarah Stokes (The Painter, the Creature, and the Father of Lies, Earthling Publications 2011); and fiction writer John McManus (Bitter Milk, Picador 2005).

News of Fiddleblack's annotated edition of CABAL arrives in time with recent developments for NIGHTBREED, the 1990 film adaptation of the novella, long scorned by fans for having been over-edited into an odd take on the slasher genre. A restored edition of the film, dubbed "The Cabal Cut," is being screened to select audiences while its official release may be in the hands of the petitioning fans who've formed Occupy Midian [].

Fiddleblack plans to release CABAL & OTHER ANNOTATIONS in third quarter 2013. Visit their website at for continued updates on the project, and stay tuned to FEARnet for exclusive updates.

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