Press Release: Cabal

16 September 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 16, 2013


Publisher: Fiddleblack
Author: by Clive Barker
Format: Hardcover/limited edition

About the book:

In celebration of a cornerstone of dark fantasy nearly thirty years in publication, Clive Barker's novella CABAL has been rereleased by literary publisher Fiddleblack in a limited edition, uniquely "annotated" format. The book, a gorgeously designed hardcover with artwork by Barker himself, features new content to the original monstrous text. Here, Barker's brilliant tale of Midian is forefronted by a collection of annotative essays from a panel of intellectual supporters.

Philosopher/Professor Eugene Thacker prefaces the book, providing a clear context for CABAL's legacy in horror history and setting the tone for the essay collection, while the Church of Satan's High Priest Peter H. Gilmore offers a necessary investigation of CABAL's Satanic symbology. Southern Gothic author John McManus contributes notes on the novella's subtext alongside a loving and first-hand reflection of Clive Barker from legendary "man behind the mask" Nicholas Vince who played the Chatterer in the HELLRAISER film series. Official Barker archivists Phil & Sarah Stokes and Seraphim Films Vice President Mark Miller both contribute as close-to-the-fold authorities on Barker's ultimate vision for CABAL.

And throughout this edition thought clouds pulled from Eugene Thacker's preface are floated as endnotes on a classic, closing the book with more than thirty densely written interpretations and explanations of Barker's black magic thinking within the story.

Bound together as a definitive edition of Clive Barker's groundbreaking who's-who among monsters (and men), Fiddleblack's CABAL & OTHER ANNOTATIONS is truly a must-have version of the title for Barker fans, dark fantasy readers, and new media thinkers alike.

This is a limited-edition text that will not be reprinted. Each book comes wrapped in black, hand-numbered, and bespelled with decades of blood-into-ink horror influence.

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About the publisher:

Fiddleblack publishes fiction online and in print. The company's body of work is dedicated to telling uninhibited stories of self and place. Online issues of Fiddleback are released in monthly collections, while the company's print schedule currently handles four titles per year. Fiddleblack's monthly podcast collects author readings paired with atmospheric audio, including stories by Thomas Ligotti and audio by Robin Rimbaud (Scanner). All of the work Fiddleblack publishes is produced and packaged with an emphasis on unique identity.

Jason Cook

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