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24 October 2012

DeviantART Community and Clive Barker Unite for Online Collaborative Storytelling Project: Odyssey II

The Follow-up to the Globally Sourced Graphic Novel "Tokyo Zephyr" Takes Shape With a Prologue Written by New York Times Best-Selling Author and Artist, Clive Barker, Contributing to the Next Generation of Trans-media Storytelling

. .DeviantART Community and Clive Barker Unite for Online Collaborative Storytelling Project: Odyssey II

DeviantART is a place where artists can thrive and embark upon that which has been my life's work; the creation of worlds. Now, I eagerly look forward to the experience of creating a new world together, with the deviantART community. -- Clive Barker
Los Angeles, Calif. (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

DeviantART, the world's largest online art community, with 22 million registered members, has revealed details surrounding "Odyssey Project II," the second edition of its collaborative art and literature project powered by its worldwide consortium of artists. Clive Barker, an active member of the deviantART community, has written a startling prologue, which will serve as the creative compass for the storyline. Participants have already begun submitting original interpretations for the succeeding chapter's literature, artwork, poetry, line drawings and short films that will comprise this full spectrum narrative over its eight-week run. The project will conclude on December 15 and final selections will be combined and developed into a continuous story to be published and sold, with proceeds donated to the Amanda Foundation, Barker's charity of choice.

Excerpt from Clive Barker's Prologue, "They're Mad, They Are":

"This was the second time Paul had come to London. The first time, he was seventeen. He'd stood in Victoria Station and felt more alive than he ever had in his life; back then, some woman had caught his eye and smiled. It was like the city had laid back and opened its legs for him. He'd felt welcomed by her..."

Barker states, "I am incredibly excited about the Odyssey II project. DeviantART is a place where artists can thrive and embark upon that which has been my life's work; the creation of worlds. Now, I eagerly look forward to the experience of creating a new world together, with the deviantART community.

Writing prompts will be presented to the community every Monday over the course of the eight-week project via the official Odyssey Project group on deviantART. Deadlines for chapter submissions will close the following Friday, and chosen selections will be revealed as writing prompts for the subsequent chapters. Barker will serve as the final deciding judge on all chapter submissions. An opportunity to contribute artwork and other supporting materials will be given when the chapter selections are revealed every Monday. Artist will retain all rights to their contributions. Official terms for submissions can be viewed at:

"After about a minute, the red-haired man moved his head in a peculiar way. Paul saw this out of the corner of his eye. The man's head was nodding small, fast nods. Paul didn't look straight at the man, but rather at his own feet. He was tired. Too tired to move, but in his periphery, he could see that the nods were getting bigger...[EXCERPT]"

Last December deviantART launched Odyssey Into 2012, an invitation to all creative writers on the website to join in an impromptu interactive experiment in creativity and worldwide collaboration. A bare bones prologue was presented to the contestants; eight chapters in total would be chosen from the over ten thousand submissions that were received over the course of 8 weeks, including pieces of artwork, prose, poetry and line art as supplemental materials. The result was "Tokyo Zephyr", a graphic novel, consisting of eight chapters of text written and illustrated by deviantART's global community to be published this January with one hundred percent of the proceeds supporting UNICEF.

Ron Martino, editor and producer of the deviantART Network, states, "Kicking off our second collaborative project with none other than Clive Barker, the 'Hellraiser' himself, author of some of the most imaginative literature ever recorded in the English language, is an extraordinary opportunity and privilege for the community and moves its spiritual core. Clive Barker will be the spectral hand guiding deviantART's Odyssey Project II to its most wondrous conclusion."

"Paul glanced up, and saw the man's reflection in the window opposite. Against the reflection and the black tunnel wall Paul saw the man's head twisting about, and his limbs thrashing. He didn't know what to do. A woman on the seat opposite Paul was staring at him as though he was looking at the red-headed man judgmentally, and ought to be ashamed of himself. Paul felt his cheeks flare with embarrassment...[EXCERPT]"

Barker states, "The possibilities are endless. The potential, vast. I am enthralled by where this journey will take us."

Please join Clive Barker in this Odyssey on deviantART and unleash your imagination. For more information about Odyssey Project II, please visit Follow updates on Twitter using the @deviantART handle, hash tag: #dAodyssey. For more information about Clive Barker, please contact: Angela Krass, oa.angela (at) gmail (dot) com or (646) 401-0172.


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