Press: Edgar Allan Poe

30 November 2006

Barker joins Walden for Poe Project

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Clive Barker is partnering with Walden Media to create an original young adult thriller centered on the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe.

Barker is set to develop the story and produce the project, with Barker's Seraphim Films' Anthony DiBlasi and Joseph Daley executive producing.

The story follows a group of teenagers as they investigate the last two weeks of Poe's life. When they inadvertently trigger a curse, they unlock Poe's nightmares from which they must then attempt to escape.

"This project is an opportunity for us to reimagine a genre that is generally associated with an older audience," Walden Media executive vp production Alex Schwartz said. "By focusing on mood and atmosphere rather than blood and guts, Clive Barker brings a smart, literate take on the horror genre that will expose young audiences to its great literary underpinnings. It is only appropriate that the grandfather of modern horror fiction, Edgar Allan Poe, provides the fulcrum for the story."

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