The Body Politic (Quicksilver Highway)

"Mick Garris is also directing something for 20th Century. The project is called 'Quicksilver Highway'. It's based on two short stories, one by me and one by Stephen King. 'Chattery Teeth' is the story that Steve had adapted and I have 'The Body Politic' in there. If that goes forward as it's supposed to by the beginning of the year, Mick will start preparing it. There's a lot of television going on right now, and it's all for Fox, which we like."


By [Stephen Dressler and Cheryl Bentzen], Lost Souls, Issue 6, January 1997

"I have my own problems with the way that it was presented. I believe that anthologies are very hard to pull off. I almost want to say that there's not a single anthology movie out there that I can say, hand on heart, that I loved. There are anthologies in which I love one or two stories. I loved The Crate in the first Creepshow. I loved the Joe Dante story about the little kid that invents his own world in The Twilight Zone picture. But, surrounding those stories are a bunch of stories I don't like. I not saying that I didn't like Stephen King's story, I just don't think it sat particularly comfortably with my story. So you have this strange thing where you are watching a movie but you really aren't because it doesn't have the satisfaction of a whole movie. I think Mick Garris is incredibly talented, his adaption of The Shining is testament of how well he can do with the long form of fiction. I'd love to see him tackle something of mine that was six hours long instead of an hour long. It's not even an hour. A television hour is something like 48 minutes or something like that."


By [Stephen Dressler and Cheryl Bentzen], Lost Souls, Issue 9, November 1997

"I've known Mick a long time and he did a great job but I was very remote from that. I actually had one line in it, I actually got to appear in it which was kind of fun."


Transcript of radio appearance on Loveline with Dr Drew & Adam Carolla, 15 May 1997

"I thought Mick Garris did a good job, but the limitations of television upon the violence of the material were obvious. I know Mick had to wrestle hard to get what he got on screen. And that's the problem with horror on network television. I like scaring people, and you can't scare people on network TV. It's hard, there are so many limitations. There are a few exceptions - earlier seasons of The X-Files achieved it, Millenium has achieved it once in a while. But those are the exceptions that prove the rule."

Lord of New Illusions

By W.C.Stroby, Fangoria, No 175, August 1998

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Mick Garris : "[Matt Frewer and I] did another movie together called Quicksilver Highway. That was lots of fun... it's just a really fun, recreational horror film. Actually, Anchor Bay is trying to get the rights from Fox to put it on DVD. I would love to see that show - we did that after The Shining to keep the crew together and to shoot something in town and just have a really good time. Nobody saw it, it was for Fox TV. They had a small videotape release - I think they made like 10,000 copies. The good thing about the video version is that they let me recut it. When we aired it, they forced me to change the order of the two stories. I was able to put in a couple of things -and put the order right - that had not been in the broadcast. It is as intended on the video.
"[Christopher Lloyd] is great... very sweet guy. He's very shy, very much keeps to himself. Sweet guy, really. He is kind of like the characters he plays - he's a little bit left of center, but in a wonderful way... [The cameos were] fun, that was fun. [John] Landis, and [Clive] Barker - of course one of the stories was based on Clive's story. Yeah, you even see me briefly in there."

An Interview With Mick Garris

By Ken P., IGN Filmforce, 13 January 2003 (note - available online at

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