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Clive Barker: Revelations

Announcing: The Painter, The Creature and The Father of Lies

...We are delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of The Painter, The Creature and The Father of Lies: Essays by Clive Barker...

Over the last 25 years, aside from his novels and screenplays, Clive has produced numerous other written pieces: introductions to both his own work and the works of others, newspaper and magazine articles, tributes and appreciations and other contributions to books. We've tracked these down over the years and have now edited them all together into a comprehensive collection of Clive's non-fiction work.

And, of course, it wouldn't be us if we hadn't also made sure that we'd had a good old rummage through Clive's own archive and unearthed a couple of added extras...

The Painter, The Creature and The Father of Lies will be published by Paul Miller at Earthling Publications either late this year or early in 2008. More details and information on how to order copies just as soon as we have them...

Our thanks to both Paul and to Clive for their generous help in bringing this project to fruition.

Many more details soon!

Phil and Sarah

Phil and Sarah setting out as soon-to-be published editors...

All your thoughts are welcome - mail us here... please!

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