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Folsom Street Events Announces Partnership With Clive Barker

By [ ],, 6 March 2018

"As an artist who has always played on the edge of public taste, I feel very comfortable in the company of the extraordinary people, especially LGBTQ individuals, who are living lives that are transforming our culture."

Nightbreed TV Series Reboot From Clive Barker and Morgan Creek In Works At Syfy

By Nellie Andreeva, Deadline Hollywood, 22 June 2018 (Morgan Creek press release, reported)

"This story has been near to my heart for many years. I'm beyond thrilled that SyFy and UCP are taking this journey with us, and I cannot wait to see it brought to life on the screen."

The Forbidden

The Fight, Issue 06, September 2018
The Fight, Issue 06, September 2018

By Mark Ariel, The Fight, Issue 06, September 2018

"Our point of view of the world is fundamentally changed by our sexuality. My earliest identification of not quite fitting in was with the traditions and rituals of my heterosexual family. Our sense of how the world is, is not the world that other people see. All of that, and ten thousand other things, inform the art that I make...
"This [current political era] is a world in which all the structures, which we as an aspiringly civilised culture are trying to put in place, are undermined... We should stay focused on how our rights may be removed from us, or diluted, in these very difficult times. But we have a great deal to be thankful for. I grew up thinking that he thing I felt in myself as defining me, probably more than any other thing, my sexuality, was something I could never speak of and I lived in terror of that through my childhood."

Interview with Clive Barker

It's Alive, December 2018
It's Alive, December 2018

By Tim Chizmar, It's Alive, Edited by Joe Mynhardt & Eugene Johnson, December 2018

"Something is in the air around us, I'm speaking now of everybody, but more so those who are willing to enhance their creativity with doing it a lot. There's something around us that is... how do I say this? It's like somebody [who] doesn't allow access to these things is like a sealed steel ball, somewhere locked in the middle of that steel ball is their soul - you, me, we may still be steel balls, but our steel balls are full of holes! Right? The energies which are around us all the time are being drawn in through those holes, to what's in the middle, which is us. All I am doing all the time is making sure the holes are clean and open and wide, and that's the most I can do as an artist. I can't practice it. It's not like a violin. I can just do it, and if I do it often enough, well, meticulously enough, the powers that surround us - the divine things - allow for creation.

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