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Clive Barker

By Fabrice Colin, Lire Magazine Littéraire, No. 1H, March / April 2021

Lire, No 1H, 2021 "My grandmother, Flo, had an appetite for the macabre and the horrific, the excessive, in the news – it had to be real otherwise she wasn’t interested. She had a friend called Kitty and they both knew where the whiskey was... They would partake liberally of this once Gran had finished her two Guinnesses for the day (which she warmed in front of the fire) and Kitty would come round and off they’d go into brandy or whiskey – and tales would come out, and it didn’t matter that I was there. I’m sure they didn’t wish to offend me and they certainly didn’t offend me, they intrigued me!
"I remember my grandmother telling me Joe Orton had died – I didn’t have a clue who Joe Orton was but I was interested when she said ‘and he was found naked with his boyfriend’. Now Orton died in 1967, yes? So I was 14, and here’s my grandmother saying: ‘they were naked you know, and one of them had killed the other with a hammer!’ Now I had no context for any of this – the fact that Joe Orton was a great playwright, which I believe he was, is, and Halliwell had killed him out of jealousy for his fame – none of this was part of the narrative I was being told, or anything that I would have comprehended anyway.
"But it was just one of the things she said, as was the Candyman story: ‘Don’t go into toilets because there’s a man who’s around, – all the time I hear about him, all the time – and he cuts the pee-pees off little boys.’ ‘Oh dear, grandma, I’ll be careful.’ She would never say anything like this in front of Mum or Dad – actually I don’t think she would say it in front of my brother Roy either. But it was open season for me and I respected that immensely because it seeded things in me which continued to bear fruit and flower. "

Talking Of The Painting Of The Abarat

By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 27 March 2021 (note - full text here)

"I’ve been writing a lot about London because of these stories, and I think you can probably now talk about the fact that I’m doing these Theatre of Blood stories with Mick Garris. This is Clive Barker’s Theatre of Blood. It is ten new, utterly new, stories written in the tradition, if you will, of The Books of Blood, directly in that tradition. In other words, in my head even though we’re changing media I am thinking that these are ten more stories to become the seventh Book of Blood, if you will. And it was Mick’s idea to call it the Theatre of Blood, which I think is perfect."

Clive Barker Interview

By José Leitão and Ryan Danhauser, The Clive Barker Podcast, Episode 300, 11 April 2021

"For the Brits over there, I'm going to be flying over to make I think ten shows in England next year - and I'm telling you this on the down-low; I shouldn't tell you anything more than that...
"I am [excited] too because it's the first time I've been back to Britain to make anything with British actors and British directors, British cinematographers for a very very long time and the whole idea is that it's all British. And also really, really hard-core horror."

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