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Demon Putting Out His Eyes Demon Putting Out His Eyes

In 1997, sculptor Matt Falls realised Barker's pen and ink sketch Demon Putting Out His Eyes in three dimensions. The sculpture (which described itself as 1/4 scale, although how you tell how big an original demon is is beyond us...) was available in two versions, a vinyl kit retailing at $60 and a 'fine art' bronze piece limited to 20 copies, mounted on a marble base and with a certificate signed by both Barker and Falls - at a cool $1,250...
Many thanks to Marcel Juegel for the image of the bronze figure.
We've seen a prototype, also sculpted by Matt Falls, of a second model based on a Barker sketch, this time of A Boy And His Dragon but, to our knowledge, it was never commercially released...

A Boy And His Dragon - prototype

Nix Bust

Nix Bust

The weighty $350 price tag and the postage cost of its equally weighty solid wood display base didn't stop the advertising for this 1995 bust describing it as "a must-have for the serious collector". Limited to 250 copies, each was numbered and signed in silver ink on the wooden base by both Barker and makeup creator Steve Johnson...

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