Unlicensed Models

Lava Models

Cenobites - Thailand

Ed Martinez tells us that this awesome looking set of Hell On Earth characters was sculpted by a gentleman by the name of Mike Wang. The set is incredibly detailed and includes the only example we've ever seen of Peter Atkins's Barbie Cenobite being immortalised in resin...

Playmates - customised

Pinhead Homer Pinhead Homer

A Cenobitic Homer Simpson? "We have such sights to... Doh... you!" Sculpted by Jason North who does all manner of unmentionable things to perfectly innocent Simpsons models...


Pinhead Rubick

Amaquest's Caricature Pinhead solving a Rubick's Cube was one of nine caricatures they produced, alongside Godzilla, Robocop, Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Leatherface and a couple of Aliens...

Venus Models


Inspired by Amaquest, Butterball followed from sculptor Martin Herrick..

Lego - customised

Lego Pinhead Lego Pinhead

Pinheads crafted from Lego...?

Lego Cenobite Scene by Tim Clark

...and whole legions of Cenobites by Tim Clark... What next..?

Strawberry Shortcake - customised

Strawberry Pinhead

...Why did we ask? A Pinhead crafted from from a soft cuddly toy, of course. Brilliant...

Night Of The Living Dead - customised


...And not to be outdone, these customisations of Pinhead and his female groupies are spot on too...

Ken is... Pinhead?

Pinhead Ken

Ken really will do anything for Barbie - even seek out the lower reaches of Hell...

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