The Clive Barker Society

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The Clive Barker Society

The Clive Barker Society is a new subscription-only group earning members a welcome letter, society T-shirt, and pin. Members will also receive a quarterly Clive Barker newsletter, with a standard annual subscription costing $49.
In addition to the welcome package and newsletter, Collector-level members ($129/year) will receive a minimum of four packages, mailed quarterly and containing exclusively licensed small-run items by a variety of creatives, all based on Clive's work.

Head over to The Clive Barker Society for full details and subscription.

The Clive Barker Society

Clive Barker Society : "Some of you have enjoyed the small-run boutique items we've begun to offer in the RealCliveBarker store, so together with Clive we have created a society with the option to receive quarterly subscription boxes specially curated by Clive and his team. Inspired by the community-oriented fan clubs of the 70s and 80s, we will be sending out physical mailings with original content and first-look news reports. Clive's missive: "This has to be something unique!"
"All new members will receive a welcome letter with a silver and black enamel Clive Barker Society pin and Pinhead Society t-shirt. The shirts are marked "1.1" on the labels, meaning "design one, first printing" so that you will have proof that you were in from the very beginning!"

Announcing The Clive Barker Society

By [Chandra Darling], Clive Barker Society, 8 July 2015

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